Didn’t pay for your health insurance annually? You need to read this.

Now we’re into April you’ll start to notice a few things beginning to change: the

Why do health insurance prices keep rising?

Health Insurance Rate Rise: Beat it, before it beats you

There are now officially three things in life which are certain: death, taxes and health insurance premiums rising every April 1. In January, Minister for Health

Can you trust a broker for your health insurance?

When you think of a health insurance salesperson, what’s the first word that springs to mind? Dishonest? Pushy? Nuisance? How about knowledgeable consultant who abides by a series of rules set out by the Private Health Insurance Intermediaries Association (PHIIA)


Make Sure You Ask These 3 Questions

There are over 36 different health funds and literally thousands of different health insurance policy combinations

Lifetime Health Cover Loading & Medicare Levy Surcharge – what this really means to you

It’s almost June 30 – what do I do? It’s the End of Financial year and each year you may hear about “Lifetime Health Cover Loading” or “LHC” but what does this really mean to you? The Lifetime Health Cover Loading initiative penalises any Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents who do not take out Private […]