HCF Health Insurance Overview

hcf health insurance

Who are HCF?

HCF are the largest not-for-profit health fund in Australia, as well as being 3rd largest overall. Originally called the Metropolitan Hospitals Fund, HCF traces it’s rich history all the way back to 1932. 

Today HCF have more than 1.5 million members and have paid out more than $2 billion dollars in hospital and extras claims each year for the past 5 financial years in a row. 

Why Choose HCF?

There are a myriad of reasons why 1.5 million Australians have entrusted HCF to provide their health insurance. For starters, HCF pays more than the industry average for hospital admissions. According to the the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman, HCF covers more medical procedures with No-Gap than the industry average across every single state and territory in the country. 

HCF extras also offer excellent value for money. With thousands of dentists across the country, HCF offer their members no-gap dental check-ups on selected plans. Continue reading to learn all about HCF extras and their rebates.

Five Reasons to Choose HCF?

#1 Better Gap Cover

HCF covers more medical procedures with No-Gap than the industry average across most states in the country. 

#2 HCF Extras

Last financial year HCF paid $517,000,000 in extras claims

#3 HCF Dental

HCF have recruited thousands of dentists across the country in their More for Teeth programme, offering customers no-gap check-ups on selected policies. 

#4 Better Customer Service

More than 1 million phone calls were answered by HCF’s customer service team last year. 

#5 Not-For-Profit

On average, over the last 5 years HCF have paid out more cents in every dollar in premiums to members as benefits, than the industry average. 

HCF Hospital Gap Cover

You can never know with 100% certainty that you’ll never have an out-of-pocket expense when switching to a new health fund. This is because doctors are under no legal obligation to participate in a health funds gap cover arrangement. 

What you can do though is compare a health fund’s no-gap performance against the industry average and see where they rank in comparison to other funds. HCF members enjoy more medical services with no-gaps than the industry average in most states across the country.

So we can’t promise you’ll never have a gap with HCF, but we can say the likelihood of you having one could be less if you switched.  

HCF Health Insurance Comparison

Health Deal has partnered with HCF since 2015 and we’re proud to have such an illustrious health fund on our panel. If you want to compare your existing HCF health insurance plan against a range of funds, or you’re wanting to inquire about one of the HCF health insurance plans discussed on this page, then let us give you a call and we’ll discuss your options.

Health Deal represents a range of health funds, and it’s our job to find you a better deal, either with or without HCF.



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