Overseas Working Health Cover

Instant Confirmation Email

You will have your Visa Certificate emailed to you once you are approved. This is instant with most health funds. 

Visa Compliant

All overseas working cover from hif, nib and Australian Unity meet the visa requirements set out in visa condition 8501.

Peace Of Mind

Medical bills can be extremely expensive in Australia. Have peace of mind that your health fund will help you with those medical bills if the worst happens.  

hif Working Visa Cover

hif prices are some of the most affordable in Australia (cover starts from just $69.00 per month) and if you join online, you'll receive your visa compliance letter instantly via email. Click below for more information.

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nib Working Visa Cover

nib has a range of great value health covers that meet the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) visa conditions 8501 requirements for visa subclass 401, 407, 408, 416, 417, 420, 457, 461, 462, 482, 485 and more.

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Australian Unity Working Visa Cover

All covers satisfy Australian government requirements for working visas. After purchasing one of these covers, you’ll automatically be emailed a compliance letter that you can include with your visa application.

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Health Cover FAQ

Do the above health funds meet the visa condition 8501?

Yes. All the working visa covers offered by hif, nib and Australian Unity are all visa compliant for condition 8501. 

Which health fund is best?

No health fund can ever lay claim to being “the best”. We suggest that a better way of looking at things should be asking, what health fund works best for your specific medical requirements. 

Do Health Deal sell overseas workers cover?

No. Health Deal is not a health fund, we simply direct people to health funds that can meet your needs. 


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