Video calling through Healthdirect to ease Australia's health system

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Healthdirect Australia have created a safe way for Australians to access healthcare during the movement restriction placed by the Australian Government on 22nd March 2020 . The current pandemic makes visits to medical clinics, health centres, and hospitals difficult. With this in mind, an online healthcare consultancy eases the pressure off citizens practising social distancing.

Healthdirect Australia, an arm of government, was created in 2006 in agreement with the Council of Australian Government to improve public access to free health information. This government-funded service provides 24 hours / 7 days a week helpline and digital access for health advice and information.

Healthdirect Australia video call

In a bid to provide better and accessible healthcare services, Video Call was created by Healthdirect Australia for easier and direct consultation between healthcare providers and their customers.

As of 1st September 2019, some service providers and their online clinics, medical centres and GP practices across Australia, have moved to the new Healthdirect Australia video call delivery platform.

It can be expensive and tiring to visit a medical facility, especially if you live in a remote area. Healthdirect Video Call makes travel optional for patients, where a healthcare professional can be hours away.

Secure and safe

Healthdirect Video Call does not alter the relationship between the doctor and the patient but allows it to take place in the same way if it were a physical interaction. Patients can access a healthcare provider online with the assurance that it is taking place in a safe environment.

Healthdirect Video Call is a secure choice that provides a trusted video session between healthcare professionals and customers.

According to Healthdirect Australia, this form of online healthcare consultation has a few key features:

  • it is designed in line with clinicians’ needs
  • it is purpose-built for health settings, integrating with healthcare workflows
  • supports workflows that are familiar both to customers and healthcare providers
  • secure, using high-quality encrypted video technology available in modern web browsers
  • private, providing health-grade privacy, security, and data sovereignty

The recent call by the government to practice ‘social distancing’ during the current coronavirus pandemic paves the way for digital health advice to be utilized through Healthdirct Australia.

For more information on Healthdirect Video Call, click on the following link:

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