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COVID-19 measures for Health Funds

Private Healthcare Australia have announced measures to relieve pressure on consumers during covid-19 pandemic including:

    • Postponing the premium increase on consumers during COVID for at least six months
    •  Full hospital cover for COVID19 regardless of what level or cover you are on
    • If your policy covers psychology and physiotherapy you will be covered for telehealth serveries from March 30

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    Learn more about Private Health Insurance

    Health Insurance Waiting Periods

    Before you can start claiming on private health insurance, you need to wait to make any claims for benefits on your cover. Health insurers have waiting periods to effectively allow anyone access to greatly discounted private treatment, which would see premiums rise to compensate, impacting customers such as yourself with these increased costs.

    Hospital and Extras Cover

    Hospital cover is to help pay for treatment and accommodation in a hospital during an illness or injury, while extras is to help cover the costs of ancillary health services that we all may require, but which aren't usually covered by Medicare.

    Dental Cover

    If you require dental treatment, private health insurance provides varying levels of coverage. General dental insurance covers procedures like cleaning, checkups and the odd filling. Major dental insurance like Orthodontic treatment usually requires waiting period of 12 months.

    Family Health Insurance

    Every family is different, but they all need affordable, quality cover. Get covered for hospital visits, optical, dental, physio, health management and more. Being covered can give you peace of mind should the unexpected happen.

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