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Health Deal has multiple health funds to choose from, with brilliant options to fit most people's needs

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Health Deal is a member of PHIIA (Private Health Insurance Intermediaries Association) and a proud signatory of the PHIIA Code of Conduct.Furthermore, unlike some other health cover comparators, we have a dedicated team that listen to 100% of sales calls, to make sure you’ve been given the correct advice when you take out a policy. This has resulted in Health Deal having an exceptionally low complaint percentage and an above industry standard customer satisfaction score from customers surveyed by their new health fund. Our service is completely free, and if we can’t find you a better health insurance policy, we’ll simply tell you to stay put. Find out how we deliver an outstanding customer experience by comparing now.


  • You won’t re-serve any waiting periods for anything you’re currently covered for!
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Palliative Care

Palliative care focuses on providing quality of life for a patient and at the same time offers support and comfort to the patient’s family.

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Cardiovascular Diseases

Heart disease killed 17,533 Australians in 2018 — or about 48 every day. Despite being the leading cause of death, the standardised death rate from heart disease has decreased by 22.4 per cent since 2009 according to the ABS.

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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence can influence the way that healthcare is currently delivered and can be utilised to provide better services to patients, healthcare providers, medical personnel, health organisations, and governing authorities.

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Boosting your immune system

Artificial intelligence (AI) is simply defined as the use of computers to perform tasks normally operated by man. Artificial intelligence is the creation of intelligent machines that work and react as humans.

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What is a pandemic?

The current active outbreak of coronavirus dubbed COVID-19 has now been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), the first of its kind.

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Aged Care

Aged care is the care provided to elderly people such as assistance with everyday living, medical services, accommodation and mobility aids such as walking frames and wheelchairs.

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Australian unity health insurance review

Australian Unity Health Insurance Review

Australian Unity Health Insurance Review Overview With a 175-year history, Australian Unity is Australia’s oldest health fund. Australian Unity has more than 340,000 members, AU …

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ahm health insurance review

ahm Review

ahm Health Insurance Review Overview ahm began over 40 years ago in Wollongong, NSW, as a regional health fund. Today ahm provides cover for over …

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NIB Health Insurance Review

nib health insurance

nib Health Insurance   Who are nib? nib Health Funds (Newcastle Industrial Benefits fund) or just nib for short are Australia’s 4th largest health fund, …

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hif health insurance review

HIF Health Insurance Fund of Australia Review

Who Are HIF?  Health Insurance Fund of Australia (HIF) are a not-for-profit health fund. They were founded all the way back in 1954 when they began …

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ahm health insurance review

ahm health insurance overview

ahm health insurance review Who are ahm? ahm (Australian Health Management) have been delivering peace of mind to Australians for over 40 years. Originally ahm …

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