AIA Health Insurance Review – 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive review of AIA, one of Australia’s leading health insurers. Here, we dive into what AIA offers in terms of health insurance, reputation, customer experience, financial stability, pricing, and more. As a potential customer of AIA, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of AIA’s offerings and why they have become a popular choice in the Australian health insurance market.

Established over three decades ago, AIA has been providing Australians with a range of insurance products, including health insurance. Known for their strong focus on customers’ wellbeing and innovation, AIA has grown substantially over the years, becoming a major player in Australia’s health insurance landscape.

Overview of AIA

AIA Health Insurance is a major provider in the Australian health insurance sector, offering a wide range of health insurance plans to its customers. Backed by its financial stability, AIA is well equipped to compete in the Australian health insurance industry.

AIA health insurance provides an array of products designed to meet their customers' different needs, offering everything from comprehensive health coverage to specific medical insurance. As a major player in the Australian health insurance market, AIA provides plans and pricing that accommodate a range of budgets and needs.

In this review of AIA, we will examine why AIA has gained recognition as a dependable provider, including their customer service track record and their commitment to providing value to their policyholders.

For anyone seeking a reliable, comprehensive, and customer-centric Australian health insurance provider, this AIA review will offer key insights and essential details to help you make an informed choice.

Plan Categories Offered by AIA

In this section of our AIA health insurance review, we delve deeper into the different health insurance plans offered by AIA and what sets them apart in the competitive Australian market. AIA provides a diverse range of health insurance policies to cater to the various needs of their customers. These can broadly be classified into three main categories - Hospital cover, Extras cover, and Combined Hospital and Extras cover.

AIA health insurance also features the AIA Vitality program, a health and wellness initiative that incentivizes policyholders for adopting healthier habits. Members can accrue points for activities like regular exercise, health checks, and maintaining good sleep habits, which can then be exchanged for discounts on travel, shopping, among other benefits.

AIA’s array of services showcases their aim to provide versatile and comprehensive health insurance options to Australians. Their various offerings can serve individuals, couples, and families with diverse needs and financial capacities.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is a critical component of our AIA health insurance review. When it comes to health insurance, the service quality, claims process, and overall customer satisfaction are just as important as the coverage itself. Here, we take a closer look at what AIA offers in these areas.

In conclusion, AIA’s emphasis on fostering a positive customer experience is apparent in their responsive customer service, streamlined claims process, and overall high customer satisfaction, establishing them as a prominent player in the Australian health insurance market.

Comparative Analysis

In this part of our AIA health insurance review, we'll compare AIA's health insurance plans with other leading Australian health insurers to provide a balanced perspective.

AIA's policies, similar to other top insurers, offer a comprehensive range of hospital and extras cover options. What sets AIA apart, however, is their unique AIA Vitality program, which incentivizes healthier lifestyle choices. While some other insurers offer similar wellness programs, AIA's program is particularly renowned for its broad range of reward options.

In terms of pricing, AIA is competitive. While not the cheapest in the market, their prices reflect the comprehensive nature of their policies. The flexibility to adjust cover to suit different budgets also gives AIA an edge.

Looking at the cons, some customers have noted that while AIA's customer service is generally efficient and friendly, there can be occasional delays during peak times. Also, while AIA's policy options are extensive, they may be overwhelming for some customers to navigate without assistance.

Financial Strength

Financial stability is a crucial consideration when selecting a health insurance provider. As per our most recent data, AIA's financial strength ratings are solid, indicative of its capacity to fulfil policyholder obligations.

Why is this important? The financial strength of a health insurance company directly influences its capability to settle claims. Without robust financial backing, a company might struggle to handle policyholders' claims, particularly in a period of heightened demand.

AIA's sustained presence in the Australian market, along with its firm financial ratings, provide assurance to policyholders about the timely settlement of their claims. This is likely one of the reasons AIA is recognized as a reliable Australian health insurance provider.

In conclusion, AIA holds its ground when compared to its competitors. Its dedication to customer health, flexible and wide-ranging coverage options, and firm financial support make it a practical choice for those seeking a trustworthy health insurance provider.

AIA Pricing Overview

AIA offers a wide range of policies to accommodate the varying needs of individuals. Here are some of their core policies and prices for a general reference.

Policy Pricing
Basic hospital From $81.24 per month
Bronze hospital Everyday From $108.05 per month
AIA Silver Plus Hospital Advantage From $185.82 per month

*Updated based on NSW as of 01/06/2023

AIA’s pricing may not represent the absolute lowest in the market, however, their costs correspond to the diverse set of features and coverage options they offer. The price structure reflects the breadth of services provided, balancing cost with the value delivered through their policies. For a more comprehensive comparison of pricing, benefits, and coverage options across health insurers, compare with Health Deal today. 

FAQs about AIA

In this part of our AIA health insurance review, we'll respond to some common questions potential customers frequently pose about AIA.

AIA health insurance provides broad coverage through their Hospital, Extras, and Combined Hospital and Extras policies. The specific services covered will vary based on the selected plan, but can include in-patient hospital services, dental care, physiotherapy, optometry, chiropractic treatments, among others

AIA health insurance's pricing is competitive within the Australian market. Although it is not the least expensive option available, their prices are indicative of the extensive coverage and benefits included. The pricing will be contingent on the chosen plan and level of coverage.

The AIA Vitality program is a distinctive health and wellness initiative provided by AIA to its health insurance policyholders. Members can accumulate points by participating in healthy activities such as regular exercise, undergoing health checks, and keeping good sleep patterns. These points can subsequently be exchanged for rewards and discounts.

AIA's customer service is noted for its efficiency and swift response times. Customers can contact them through a variety of channels, including phone, email, and social media, from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm AEST.

AIA's customer service is recognized for its efficiency and responsiveness. Customers can reach them through various channels including phone, email, and social media from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm AEST.


AIA, as an established provider, offers a diverse range of health insurance policies suited to different individual needs and financial circumstances. Its distinct AIA Vitality program is a noteworthy wellness scheme, indicating the insurer’s commitment to endorsing its customers’ health and wellbeing.

In terms of customer experience, AIA has shown steady performance by offering multiple routes for customer service, a streamlined claims process, and maintaining a favourable customer reception reflected in high satisfaction ratings. Moreover, their robust financial stability instils trust in their capability to fulfil policyholder obligations.

Nonetheless, it’s imperative to understand that selecting a health insurance provider is a deeply personal choice. Numerous factors come into play – cost, coverage, personal health requirements, customer service – and these can vary significantly across different providers.

While AIA demonstrates several strong points, it’s crucial to compare a wide range of health insurers to get the best possible deal. Health insurance policies are not uniform, and the best choice for an individual will hinge on their specific needs and circumstances.

This is where Health Deal comes in. As a health insurance comparison platform, we allow you to compare different health insurance policies, assisting you in making a well-informed decision based on a comprehensive view of the market. So, take the next step in your health insurance journey. Visit Health Deal today to compare policies and find the one that offers you the best value for your specific needs. It’s an essential step towards ensuring a secure and healthy future for you and your loved ones.

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