Health Deal Dispute Resolution Policy


Health Deal has developed its customer complaint policy in accordance with AS ISO 10002:2006. Health Deal provides high quality products and services to its clients and understands the importance of providing and maintaining a customer satisfaction monitoring system to ensure premium customer outcomes.

Health Deal’s Definition of a Complaint

The AS ISO 10002:2006 definition of a complaint is:

“An expression of dissatisfaction made to an organisation, related to its products/ services, or the complaints handling process itself where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected”.  

Purpose of the Policy

Health Deal aims to provide high quality products and services, however, on the occasion when Health Deal fails to meet customer expectations or they encounter a service failure we will maintain a process to record and deal with this occurrence in an appropriate manner.

Health Deal commits to deal with customer complaints in a sensitive, professional, transparent and timely manner. When handling complaints Health Deal effect takes into account compliance endeavours to comply with relevant laws, terms and conditions, industry codes and the individual interaction with that client and their circumstances. Health Deal’s aim is to provide a fair and reasonable outcome for both parties.

Access to the Policy

Health Deal’s complaint policy is available to all customers, contractors, employees and regulatory bodies via:

  • Health Deal’s website –
  • Health Deal’s call centre – 1300 369 399
  • Health Deal’s corporate office – Level 4/973 Nepean Hwy, Bentleigh Victoria 3189.

Complaints can be made:

  • By letter – either through mail, facsimile or e-mail
  • Verbally – either in person or over the phone
  • Through comments and feedbacks on surveys and customer feedback forms
  • Online through enquiry forms
  • Via industry regulators

No Cost to Complainants

Access to the Health Deal complaint handling process is provided free of charge to customers.

Responsiveness and Timeliness

Ensuring that complaints are acknowledged and met in a timely and effective manner is a major factor in determining a satisfactory outcome. Health Deal will ensure that all complaints are promptly replied to within ten working days, including written responses where requested, to all requests of a response to a dispute by a consumer. Health Deal will notify customers of the outcome of a dispute including the general reasons for this. Health Deal will also provide information on the further action available to customers should they wish to pursue this including access to the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman or the Financial Ombudsman Service for overseas health cover provided by a general insurer. If it is considered that more time will be required to investigate the complaint, the customer will be kept informed of the progress of the investigation.

Objectivity and Confidentiality

All complaints will be addressed in an equitable, objective and unbiased manner. The complainant is encouraged to provide feedback on all actions taken by Health Deal in resolving the complaint.                                       

Health Deal has appointed a complaints officer who will record all complaint details in a central repository. It will then be forwarded to the relevant department/staff member / contractor / product supplier in order to investigate and find resolution to the complaint. Any personal information will only be made available to those parties involved in the resolution process, unless the complainant has expressly authorised its disclosure.

 Investigation Process

Health Deal will make every reasonable effort to investigate the complaint. Included in the investigation will be a process of interviewing staff, contractors, subcontractors, product suppliers and customers in order to fully understand the nature and circumstance of a complaint. Health Deal’s expectation is always to provide a fair outcome for the complainant. Health Deal will record all information relating to the investigations and maintain a repository. 

Resolution Process

Once a complaint has been investigated, Health Deal will advise the complainant as soon practicable on the actions or decision taken in regards to the complaint. Health Deal will also undertake root cause analysis and modify processes to prevent similar complaints occurring in the future. Complainants will be advised of further avenues for review of their complaint if not satisfied with the resolution. This may be via the various state regulatory bodies but not restricted to them. 

Health Deals Complaints Policy

All Health Deal staff are required to sign off on their understanding and are required to follow the policy when dealing with a complaint. Health Deal is committed to continuous improvement of our complaints management policy and process. The complaints policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Complaints Escalation Process

  • Step 1 Gather the customers information e.g. the customer details, phone number, address, and outline of what the issue is. Seek to provide an immediate resolution. This is generally done over by phone or by email. If unable to resolve the issue immediately the complaint will be escalated to the Dispute Resolution Team for review.
  • Step 2 The Dispute Resolution Team will review the nature of the complaint, contact the customer and internal staff to obtain further information where required and seek to reach a satisfactory resolution with the complainant. If the Dispute Resolution Team is unable to resolve the complaint and the customer seeks further internal escalation the matter will be passed to the Health Deal executive team.
  • Step 3 – A member of the executive team will review the issues, contact the customer and any internal staff where required and seek to reach a resolution.
  • Step 4 – Once the complaint has been resolved, it is will be followed up by phone or email to ensure that customer is satisfied with the outcome. If the customer is satisfied the matter will be closed. If the customer is not satisfied they will be advised of their right to contact the ombudsman for an independent review of the issue.
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