3 Tips For Rural Families to Save Money This Christmas

Christmas for most Aussie families is an expensive time of year. Kids these days are hoping Santa brings them more expensive gifts with each passing year.

If you live outside of a major metro area and you already know January is going to be a tight month, then continue reading because we’ve got some cracking Christmas tips on how to save money on your health insurance to give you some price relief over this expensive time of year.

Tip 1 Ring Your Health Fund

Yes, we’re a health insurance broker, but if you don’t fancy talking to us directly, then you should still ring your health fund and still see if there is a better option with your current health fund. A perfect example of this, is families who have finished having children.

As a general rule, to have pregnancy covered requires top cover which can be quite expensive. If you’ve finished having kids, then you might not require top cover still if you’re in your 30’s or 40’s. So ask if you can take it off your plan, and save yourself some money in the meantime.

Remember if you take a procedure off your plan, you’ll only have to wait 2 months to add it back on if it’s a new condition, or 12 months if it’s pre-existing.  

Tip 2 Maximise Your Dental

If you’re with one of the big brand name health funds, then chances are you were probably attracted to them with the offer of no-gap dental on check-ups. 

Having this option with a family can be an absolute life saver, as you don’t need me to tell you how expensive dental can be in Australia. But what if you don’t live near a preferred provider?

If there are no preferred providers near you to offer you no-gap check-ups, then you should seriously consider shopping around. Did you know for example, there are some funds which will give you back $191.50 for your yearly check-up (012), clean (114), and fluoride (121), that equates to a massive $766 in claims for a family of four going just once for an annual check-up.

There are also some health funds that will give you back 60% across all dental, no matter where you go! 

Meaning you can continue going to the same family dentist you’ve always gone to, but with added security of knowing you’ll be getting 60% off the bill each time.

Health insurance isn’t as complicated as people like to make it out to be, but comparing with Health Deal makes it doubly easy. Enter your details below and a Health Deal consultant will get in contact with you to discuss your options. 

The process is simple, we’ll see what policy you’re on, well conduct a needs analysis to assess what you actually need coverage for, and compare it to our panel of health funds.

It’s always our aim to not only lower your monthly premium, but crucially to improve your benefits on the items that you use most often. 

Anyone can slash your benefits to save you money, we want to give you value for money, that’s why we’re rated 9.6/10 via Trust Pilot.

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