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myOwn Health Insurance

Who are myOwn Health Insurance? 

myOwn Health Insurance is a new type of health insurance fund. They have been established since 2017, having been the result of a brilliant partnership between three leading insurance companies with a global reach, GMHBA, Discovery and AIA. 

myOwn belief in rewarding members for leading healthier lives, that’s why every policy comes with a free membership to AIA Vitality. 


myOwn is backed by GMHBA, one of Australia’s oldest health funds. GMHBA are a not-for-profit health fund with a national memebrship base of over 300,000 Australians. 


Discovery Limited is the founder of Vitality. They are a multinational company listed on the South African stock exchange, they have been offering financial services across the globe for over 25 years. 

AIA Australia

AIA are the largest company listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, and are the second largest life insurer in the world. What makes AIA the perfect partner though, is allowing all myOwn members access to AIA Vitality, a rewards program like no other.  

Why Choose myOwn? 

There are so many great reasons why myOwn is a fantastic choice for your health insurance. For starters, lets look at their hospital coverage. myOwn have agreements with nearly 90% of all private hospitals Australia wide. With over 565 agreements across Australia, you shouldn’t struggle to find a private hospital or day facility which participates with myOwn. 

myOwn are perfect for people who love claiming on extras. Similar to nib, myOwn have a range of percentage based extras plans, meaning wherever you go, you can rest assured knowing what you’ll be claiming back ahead of time. myOwn have a variety of extras packages ranging for 50% back all the way to 70% back. 

When you join myOwn, you’ll also be gaining access to AIA Vitality. Many rewards programmes say they offer great value, but make it almost impossible to rise through the tiers. AIA Vitality doesn’t require you to spend $10,000 to get to platinum level, all you need to do is download the AIA Vitality app on your smart phone and earn points by completing a series of activities throughout the year to help you lead a healthier life. 

You can recieive fanatstic rewards such as: 

Up to $650 every year in shopping vouchers including Myer, Ticketmaster and Woolworths.

✅Up to 25% off fitness devices.

✅Up to 50% off gym memberships.

✅Up to 50% cashback on eligible flights with Virgin Australia.

✅Up to 5% off your health insurance.

✅Claim 100% back off your $500 excess. 

myOwn Health Insurance Comparison

Health Deal has partnered with myOwn since 2018 and we’re proud to have such an forward thinking health fund on our panel. If you want to compare your existing myOwn health insurance plan against  a range of funds, or you’re wanting to enquire about one of the myOwn health insurance plans discussed on this page, then let us give you a call and we’ll discuss your options.

Health Deal represents a range of health funds, and it’s our job to find you a better deal, either with or without myOwn.

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