Who Are HIF? 

Health Insurance Fund of Australia (HIF) are a not-for-profit health fund. They were founded all the way back in 1954 when they began life as the “Western Australian Government Railways Employees Hospital and Medical Benefits Fund Inc”.

HIF rebranded to be called the Health Insurance Fund of WA in 1978 and finally settled on Health Insurance Fund of Australia in 2010, to represent their nationwide level of coverage.

Today HIF have agreements with over 92% of Australia’s private hospitals and day hospitals nationwide and have won countless Canstar Awards for their “Outstanding Value”.

5 Reasons to Choose HIF

#1 More Money Back

On average 91.3% of premiums paid are returned to members as benefits with HIF. The industry average is 85.8%.

#2 More Choice of Hospitals

HIF has agreements with 92% of Australias private hospitals and day hospitals. 

#3 Better Gap Cover

HIF outperform the industry average for covering more Medical Services with No or Known Gaps in most states across Australia.

#4 Award Winning Cover

HIF currently hold three Canstar Awards for Outsounding Value Hospital Cover. 

#5 No-Excess Day Surgery

HIF waive the excess on day surgery on all of their top cover options! 

HIF Gold Star Hospital

If having a private room is important to you, then look no further than HIF Gold Star Hosptal. Gold Star Hospital is identical to HIF Gold Hospital, except for the fact that you will not be charged a daily co-payment if you want a private room, as this is HIF’s private room cover option.

Private room – all stays

No Excess on Day Surgery 

Accidental Injuries

 Surgical removal of wisdom teeth in hospital

 Brain surgery

Back Surgery 

Joint reconstruction

Renal Dialysis 

Cancer Related Services

All other medical services not listed as an exclusion.

✔ Non-Cosmetic Eye Surgery

✔ Pregnancy & Birth-Related Services

Assisted Reproductive Services

✔ Heart Procedures

Joint Replacements

✔ Obesity-Related Services

In-hospital rehabilitation

Psychiatric care and treatment

Palliative care

Procedures where Medicare pays no benefit

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HIF Extras 

One of the great things about HIF Extras are their generous limits. Not only does HIF Extras give you large limits straight away, but HIF will also actually increase your limits on certain extras every single year for up to 5 years!

This is down to HIF being a not for profit health fund. HIF state that “Unlike many Australian health funds, we do not have shareholders. Moreover, cash dividends are not paid directly to our fund members. Instead, we return any surpluses to our members in the form of lower premiums, increased rebates and new benefits and services. This is our way of rewarding our loyal members.”

✔ $1,000 Dental (Limit increases over time)

$450 Physio (Combined with other therapies)

$140 Optical (Limit increases over time)

 $75 Healthy Lifestyle

 Emergency Ambulance

Plus More!

Medical Appliances

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✔ $1,300 Dental (Limit increases over time)

$900 Physio (Combined with other therapies)

$260 Optical (Limit increases over time)

$550 Chiro (Limit increases over time)

 $100 Healthy Lifestyle

 $740 Psychology

 $1,500 Medical Appliances

 Emergency Ambulance

Plus Much More!

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✔ $1,500 Dental (Limit increases over time – up to $3,000!)

$1,200 Physio (Combined with other therapies – Limit increases up to $1,500!)

$280 Optical (Limit increases over time – up to $350!)

$650 Chiro (Limit increases over time – up to $750!)

 $125 Healthy Lifestyle

 $1,000 Psychology

 $1,500 Medical Appliances

 Emergency Ambulance

Plus Much More!

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HIF Dental

One of the most important aspects of any extras policy is dental coverage. That’s why HIF created Smart Teeth. The premise is quite simple, HIF aims to pay more for the dental services that people regularly use.

Below is a table of the dental rebates for some selected dental services. As you can see for a yearly check-up, clean & flouride (12, 114 & 121) HIF would rebate back up to $191.50 on your first visit and $153.20 on subsequent visits.

These high rebates are perfect for people who want to choose their own dentist and not be limited to dentists who have proffered provider status with certain health funds. 

Full a full breakdown of Smart teeth click here

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HIF Health Insurance Fund of Australia Comparison

Health Deal has partnered with HIF since 2015 and we’re proud to have such an illustrious health fund on our panel. If you want to compare your existing HIF health insurance plan against a range of funds, or you’re wanting to inquire about one of the HIF health insurance plans discussed on this page, then let us give you a call and we’ll discuss your options.

Health Deal represents a range of health funds, and it’s our job to find you a better deal, either with or without HIF.

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