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NSW Seniors Are Slashing Their Health Insurance Premiums -Here's How

If you’re over 50 and living in New South Wales, you’re part of a community known for its savvy money management. While costs may be climbing, many NSW seniors are finding intelligent ways to trim their expenses and boost their savings. One area that has proven to be a goldmine for savings is health insurance.

Health insurance is vital, offering protection against unexpected medical emergencies and necessary treatments. However, have you considered the savings potential in scrutinising your health cover and comparing it against various health fund providers?

The Power of Savvy Comparisons

Health Deal sales data reveals a compelling trend among Aussies in NSW over the age of 50. Those who’ve taken the plunge to switch their health insurance cover with alternative health funds are averaging savings of $278 per year*. That’s an impressive saving that can help stretch your budget further!

These savings don’t involve a compromise on quality, but rather, a smarter approach towards your health cover. By comparing health insurance, you can identify and trim off the excess costs, retaining a policy that’s tailored to your individual needs.

Savings with Major Health Funds

In the beautiful state of New South Wales, the three biggest health funds are HCF, Medibank, and Bupa. If you’re a policyholder with any of these funds, the savings could be even more significant.

Customers of Health Deal, who switched from these major funds, reported average annual savings of $296 for HCF customers, $393 for Medibank customers, and $291 for Bupa customers. These impressive figures demonstrate the true power of informed comparison and smart decision making.

Personalised Comparison Assistance

At Health Deal, we understand that comparing health insurance policies can be a daunting task. That’s why our team of experienced health insurance comparison experts is ready to assist you. Through a simple telephone call, our specialists can guide you through a personalised comparison, helping you understand how your current policy measures up against other offerings in the market.

This personalised service ensures you receive accurate, tailored information, empowering you to make an informed choice about your health insurance. Besides potential savings, a more suitable policy could also provide greater access to private hospitals, increased benefits on your extras, and more flexibility in your choice of healthcare providers.

Embrace the Savings Opportunity

Now that you’re in the know, why not seize this opportunity to cut down your health insurance costs? Take a moment to compare your current health insurance with other market deals. This small effort could equate to hundreds of dollars saved each year, ensuring you receive the optimal health coverage for your unique needs.

For the over 50s community in New South Wales who want to make their money work smarter, health insurance comparison is a golden opportunity. Unleash the potential of your budget today and enjoy the financial comfort and peace of mind you deserve in your golden years.

*Based on 2068 NSW over the age of 50 who switched via Health Deal between 28/11/2019 – 21/07/2023

*This article is brought to you by Health Deal. Give us a call today and let us guide you to substantial savings. Your financial well-being is just a phone call away!*

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