Prostate Cancer : public vs private care

prostate cancer awareness man holding blue ribbon and moustache

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare estimates that the risk of a male being diagnosed with prostate cancer by his 85th birthday will be 1 in 6.

Everything You Need To Know About Joint Replacements

When joint damage or pain limits even the simplest of activities such as sitting or standing, a joint replacement may be the answer. But what is a joint replacement, how is it done, and how to find a policy that suits your needs? Find out here.

Health check-ups you should be having in your 20s

youth camping outdoors

Ah, the 20s. There’s no age quite like it. While you’re out there living your best life, health checks may not be a glaring priority. But it can’t hurt to start getting into the habit of screening the condition of your health regularly.

Preparing for a baby

pregnant woman holding her belly

There is nothing more exciting and fulfilling than waiting for your baby to arrive. It is a highly emotional time for all involved and you’ll no doubt be finding yourself smiling fondly at a pair of fluffy booties and cute onesies.

What is the Private Health Insurance Excess?

piggy bank with Australian dollar notes

When discussing private health insurance, you will often come across the term ‘Excess.’ We explain what this means, how excess affects your health insurance premiums and how you can save on the cost of your hospital cover.

How to Beat the Premium Hike

yellow road sign showing health insurance increases ahead

No one is happy about this coming April’s premium rise.
Customers do not want to spend more on health insurance premiums, private health insurance funds do not want to lose members, and the public health system cannot add further stress to its over-crowded lobbies.

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